Lean and Simplification

In our last White Paper publication, Atleco highlighted local risks in global Supply Chains

… and how they are affected by economic crisis in Europe and throughout the west. This time, Atleco serves with a suggestion of a model of how to achieve big quick wins and long term productivity. Check it out here:

[Pdf Download - 7 Minutes on big Quick Wins, Lean & Sustainability]

Since our last report in autumn 2012 a lot of signs are underlining the conclusions of volatility as a driver of increased cost pressure and competition at significant levels in business life. Read More…

New Article from Atleco

Operational Excellence is a matter not only for process improvements, but also should be incorporated as a major subject at strategic planning. Please visit our new article about Supply Chain Management risks [here] to gain new perspectives and insights about the strategic perspectiv of operational chain reaction phenomenons.

We give special thank’s to Mr. Joseph Paris, or “JP” who cose to publish this article at XONITEK.

Recognition at it’s best

Just wonderful I will share this with my class

Thank you”

(Prof. Norman Bodek, holding classes with the best of Japanese management and the Harada Method at Portland State University)

Atleco likes genuine feed-back from clients, business partners and brilliant colleagues. Sometimes, you are suddenly surprised by a feed-back from someone really important. It is truly an incredible acknowledgement to receive this kind of message from the man who actually braught Lean to our western and European part of the world, the man who actually discovered KANBAN itself in the 70’s, the man who met and learned in person with people like Deming, Ohno, Shingo, Ishikawa, Juran, Akao and Crosby just to mention a few. For Atleco, this comes like a visionionary sign that we are on track and on the right way. We sincerely appreciate Professor Bodek for this recognition.

[Who is Norman Bodek?]

Follow this discussion between Norman Bodek and Anders Penker to gain the insight about high level Lean Management:

“Norman Bodek:

Why Doesn’t Lean Work?

Can you walk with just one leg?

Lean is a total system of continuous improvement with everyone involved.

A few years back, I visited Toyota’s plant in Georgetown, Kentucky with the group of executives from various construction corporations. One member of our team asked Gary Convis, then president of Toyota, ” What do you expect from your workers?” Gary answered, “Only two things: come to work and pull the cord.”

Simple, but how many of you attempting to do Lean allow your employees to pull the cord, stop the line, and have everybody, literally everybody in the plant, wait until that one person resolves the problem. I would guess only 1% or less of you that are attempting to implement lean allow your workers to stop the line. Why? Read More…

Atleco finds potential business partners

Atleco is in general always in search for new business partners. There are several areas of interests: academic institutions, organizations, brilliant colleagues or companies of different sizes, lines of businesses and ways to do business. Atleco can hereby announce that an informal cooperation agreement has been closed with a provider of technical consulting services with focus on Virtual Manufacturing. The reason for interest in this company from Atleco’s point of view is to secure a good partner of Simulation Technology, for cases where Atleco uses 3P-methodology. At the same time, Atleco searches to support their partners with what Atleco does best, which is advanced Lean- and Transformational Consulting Management.

Lean Tactical Excellence

Atleco makes new business innovation:

Despite widely deployed Lean Programs, most companies are still not where they want to be on their lean journey to operational “world class”. Lean programs do not reach their potential. Improvements with lead-time, time-to-market, total productivity, quality, and growth is not happening significantly. Hence many organizations are still underperforming financially. And yet they are “working with Lean since many years”. But you have probably never ever had the quantity alike of Lean mantras repeated in your organisation like you have today!?

Check out Atleco’s new Business Model for LEAN TACTICAL EXCELLENCE™.

Atleco updates web-site

This is the starting point for this web-site. It is Atleco’s hope that this format shall answer to our customers needs of information better than previous. Please feel free to comment or contact Atleco with suggestions of layout, updates or in general.

Best regards

Anders Penker, ownerA. Penker


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